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Ethical IT Recycling & Refurbishment Services

As one of the UK’s leading IT recycling and refurbishment companies, we ensure all obsolete electronic equipment is safely removed and recycled or disposed of in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner, ensuring nothing ends up at a landfill. We provide services for both small-medium enterprises and large corporations.
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The Collection Proces

- Your redundant IT equipment and WEEE will be collected by a uniformed, badged and security vetted member of staff, who will transport it in a secure and locked vehicle to a storage point at your local transfer station.

- Once your redundant equipment has arrived, the data stored within it will be completely destroyed using an approved and trusted destruction programme.

- Once a series of checks have been undertaken to ensure that all traces have been removed, the hardware will be sent for re-furbishment. In a small number of circumstances, particularly when dealing with faulty hard drives, it may not be possible to remove all the stored data. In this instance, the security of your company will take precedence and the hard drive will be shredded and recycled. All other non-data storage component parts will then be salvaged and re-used in newly built computers.

What we do with your redundant equipment

Our primary goal is always to refurbish your redundant equipment and extend its serviceable life. In most cases, a simple restoration will extend the life of a computer by an additional 3 years.

When e-waste is obsolete or damaged and cannot be re-furbished, it is then broken down into component parts to be re-used in new computers. By re-using as many elements as possible, we are limiting the energy use involved in recycling materials.

When all other options have been investigated and proven unsuitable, we will then ensure that waste parts are properly recycled by an authorised IT recycling specialist. By recovering and recycling even the smallest of constituent part, we ensure that no part of your computer ends up in landfill.
Prolonging the life of old equipment means less new computers manufactured. Re-use is more environmentally friendly than recycling as no additional energy is used to recycle or manufacture a new product.

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