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Ethically Dispose of your Company’s Old IT Equipment

• Nationwide Corporate IT disposal
• All disposals in compliance with WEEE recycling directive
• Safe & secure data security service
• Equipment will be reused, refurbished and recycled
• Dedicated London-based recycling centre

Equipment that we process for reuse or recycling includes:

- PCs - CPU, monitor, mouse, keyboard
- scanners, printers, photocopiers
- phones (mobile and landline)
- servers
- laptops

UK Regulation Compliance

We collect corporate IT and electrical equipment, which would otherwise be heading for the landfill, for processing at our London recycling centre.

All IT disposals are processed in compliance with the Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE)

Directive and Data Protection Act so you can be sure your business is complying with UK laws. We also support community projects and charities by donating funds and IT equipment where it's most needed.

Safe and responsible data removal

We securely handle and process all equipment, safely wiping all the data and information.

This means it can be reused where possible, without your confidential information being compromised and falling into the wrong hands.

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Message from the MD

Stephanie Hutchings

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Our IT Recycling Process

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